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Our turnaround time is currently 2-3 weeks for most jobs.  Thank you for your patience!

Pricing Change

Our pricing/rates schedule will change effective July 1st 2016.  For a majority of our customers the rates will remain the same.  For our external (non-CHOP/UPENN) academic customers our rates will increase by 10% across all services.  Commercial rates will still be 2X our internal subsidized rate.  This will allow us to comply with CHOP institutional core lab pricing policies.

Slide Scanning Update

We are currently getting caught up on a backlog of slides for oil scanning.  The scanner will be offline for 20x or 40x scans during this time.  We anticipate this will take us a couple of weeks and we hope to have this completed before the holidays.  We appologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!

HALO by Indica Labs

We have a singe seat license (in lab use only) for HALO by Indica Labs.  HALO is a whole slide image viewer and analysis platform.  HALO adds additional features and tools for annotating images, making figures, and performing image analysis.  Right now we are targeting this for users who would like to do whole slide analysis on slides scanned with our Aperio IF scanner.  We have the following image analysis algorithms available so far:  Area Quantification (brightfield and IF), Cytonuclear Quantification IF, and Microvessel Quantification IF.