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Our turnaround time is currently 3-4 weeks for most jobs.  Thank you for your patience!

Pricing Change

We have a few minor pricing changes effective July 1st 2017.  Most of our rates will remain the same.  We increased the price of our IHC staning and antibody workup services to offset increases in reagent costs.  We also added a new service for ISH, Dual CISH for two probes on the same slide.  We are now able to automate this on our Bond RX autostainer.  For external (non-CHOP/UPENN) academic customers we add a 10% surcharge across all services.  Commercial rates will still be 2X our internal subsidized rate.  This will allow us to comply with CHOP institutional core lab pricing policies.

Research Core Tech Talks

The July 18th, 2017 seminar will hosted by the CHOP Flow Cytometry Core.  John Quinn, PhD, Application Scientist, FlowJo® will be presenting "Classic and Advanced Tools in FlowJo®"  Click here for the event flyer

The seminars will be held from 11 am to noon in CTRB 4040. Light refreshments will be provided at each event.  


HALO by Indica Labs

We have a singe seat license (in lab use only) for HALO by Indica Labs.  HALO is a whole slide image viewer and analysis platform.  HALO adds additional features and tools for annotating images, making figures, and performing image analysis.  Right now we are targeting this for users who would like to do whole slide analysis on slides scanned with our Aperio IF scanner.  We have the following image analysis algorithms available so far:  Area Quantification (brightfield and IF), Cytonuclear Quantification IF, and Microvessel Quantification IF.