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Our turnaround time is currently 3-4 weeks for most jobs.  The slide server will be down for sofware updates on the afternoon of Monday August 20th.

Slide Server Downtime

We will be upgrading e-slide manager to the newest release.  In order to do this we will need to take the server down on Monday August 20th in the afternoon hours.  During this time the slide server will not be accessible for viewing slides or image analysis.  We anticipate the server will be back up and running by Monday evening.  We appologize for any inconvenience.  Our hope is that this update will aleviate some of the lag and browser issues that some of our users have experienced.  The new release of e-slide manager will also be fully compatible with the latest release of the Aperio image scope viewer.


Pricing Updates

Our rate structure has been updated for any orders received starting July 1 2018.  See the link above for our updated price list.  Some of our prices have increased to adjust for increases in reagent/service contract costs as well as cuts to our institutional subsidy.  We strive to keep out prices low for our customers while still being able to meet our budget goals.  We will continue to review and update our pricing with the assistance of our business office and the institutional ICAC committee.

Visiopharm Image Analysis

We now have a single seat license for the Visiopharm Oncotopix image analysis suite.  We will continue to support the Aperio image analysis tools for cell counting and area quantification.  The Visiopharm suite will give us added functionality including CISH/FISH analysis (spot counting per cell), pancrease islet quantification, lipid vacuole quantification, neurite lengh measurments, etc.  The tissue align tool can be used to overlay serial sections for virtual double labeling.  The app authoring tool allows us to further customize algorithms based on researchers needs and answer more specific research questions.  Contact us for more information.