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Our turnaround time is currently 1-2 weeks for most jobs.  Thank you for your patience!

New for 2017

All external customers (Non CHOP/UPENN/Wistar) are now requred to fill out a Research Core Services Agreement Form We are required to have this on file with our business office before initiating any project for external customers.  Thank you!


Research Core Tech Talks

On Tuesday March 20th the CHOP Zebrafish Core will be hosting Bran Bugarija, PhD, and Mitchell Gore, PhD from IDT.  They will be presenting, "New Chemistries for Enhanced CRISPR and qPCR".  This talk will focus on:

- Improving CRISPR Genome Editing using High-Fidelity Cas9 protein
   and chemically modified guide RNAs an RNP complex.
- Optimized Target Detection in qPCR and ddPCR: Better Sensitivity
   Through New Probe and Primer Chemistries

Introduction by:
Christoph Seiler, Ph.D.,
Director, Zebrafish Core
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute
"Direct, highly efficient gene Knock-Out in
Zebrafish using CRIPR/Cas9"

Refreshments will be provided!
Please RSVP at:

This talk will take place at 11am in CTRB 6040(Note the Room Change!). 



Visiopharm Image Analysis

We now have a single seat license for the Visiopharm Oncotopix image analysis suite.  We will continue to support the Aperio image analysis tools for cell counting and area quantification.  The Visiopharm suite will give us added functionality including CISH/FISH analysis (spot counting per cell), pancrease islet quantification, lipid vacuole quantification, neurite lengh measurments, etc.  The tissue align tool can be used to overlay serial sections for virtual double labeling.  The app authoring tool allows us to further customize algorithms based on researchers needs and answer more specific research questions.  Contact us for more information.