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Our turnaround time is currently 1-2 weeks for most jobs.  

E-Slide Server

We are once again reaching critical volume on our server for storing digital slides.  If you have slides stored on our server from old projects that you no longer need archived please help us conserve space by deleting them.  Contact us if you don't have permission to delete files and we can change your access.  Thank you!


Research Core Tech Talks

On Tuesday April 17th Sean Ren from the CHOP Translational Core Lab will be presenting "Roche Cobas and beyond – Understanding laboratory tests for clinical study design and execution.

In this CHOP Core Facilities TechTalk series, the Translational Core Lab (TCL) of CHOP will present the newly acquired Cobas 4000 instruments from the Roche Diagnostics, and discuss quality control of clinical chemistry tests and immunoassays across different platforms. 

TCL is the only core facility in the CHOP/UPENN campus that has a clear goal of supporting clinical research.  Over the years we have encountered many cases of poorly designed clinical studies, due to the lack of knowledge of laboratory testing.  In this seminar, we will also discuss how to design and conduct a clinical study.

Speaker: Sean Ren, MD, PhD
Technical Director
Translational Core Lab (TCL)
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Phone: (215) 590-4765

Date:  April 17, 2018

Time:  2-3 pm

Location:  Room 4040, CTRB (Colket) Building

Targeted Audience:  Junior faculties, research coordinators, students, postdocs and fellows

Visiopharm Image Analysis

We now have a single seat license for the Visiopharm Oncotopix image analysis suite.  We will continue to support the Aperio image analysis tools for cell counting and area quantification.  The Visiopharm suite will give us added functionality including CISH/FISH analysis (spot counting per cell), pancrease islet quantification, lipid vacuole quantification, neurite lengh measurments, etc.  The tissue align tool can be used to overlay serial sections for virtual double labeling.  The app authoring tool allows us to further customize algorithms based on researchers needs and answer more specific research questions.  Contact us for more information.