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Our turnaround time is currently 3-4 weeks for most jobs.  

E-slide Manager Update

We have recently updated our E-Slide Manager software to the newest version (12.4).  Everyone should still have access to all of their slides and image analysis macro's.  One issue that we have noticed is that when user open an image on a Mac or PC that does not have Image Scope installed they sometimes get an error message or download message.  For computers that do not have image scope installed you can force slides to open under a new browser tab via either the old webscope viewer or new web viewer.  To do this hold down the "A" key (webscope) or "W" key (web viewer) on your keyboard while clicking on the slide.  So far this workaround has worked for all of our users.  We also received an updated tech note from Leica regarding supported browser versions here.  Let us know if you see any other unexpected errors and we will follow up with Leica.  

Comprehensively characterize the tumor microenvironment in spatial context with Imaging Mass Cytometry

Tech Talks - Fluidigm Seminar

Tuesday November 20th 2018

2:00pm - 3:00pm EST

CHOP, Colket Tranlational Research Building (CTRB) Room 4040

Tal Varsano and Matt Anstett from Fluidim will be on campus to present their Hyperion Imaging system and present data to demonstrate how Imaging Mass Cytometry can be used to uncover new biomarkers and cellular interactions on fixed tissue sections. This will be a CHOP Tech Talk Seminar event hosted by the CHOP Pathology and Flow Cytometry Cores.  We look forward to seeing you there!

iLab Integration

Begining November 1st the path core will be transitioning to a new billing and intake system "iLab"  Any orders submitted on or after December 1st will no longer use our google doc for submitting samples and orders.  The basic data fields will be the same but the appearance and workflow will be different.  One of the biggest changes is that user will need to set up an iLab account (username and password) and log in before submitting samples.  CHOP users will be able to use their CHOP credentials.  Any UPENN customers already using iLab will be able to use their current iLab login credentials.  Any user new to iLab will need to first set up an account.  On December 1st our website will also change to a new site developed by research IS.  The new site will have a link and instructions for logging onto iLab and creating an account.  If you need further assistance please stop by the lab and we will help get you set up.  Begining in November we will be able to help current users get set up and registered in the system so they are ready to go for the December roll out.  Please bear with us during the intial transition phase as we will be getting used to the new system as well.  Thank you for your patience!