About Us

The Pathology Core Laboratory at the Research Institute at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia unites several core pathology components in one facility. Path Core provides basic histopathology, research immunohistochemistry, tissue microarray, laser capture microdissection, and digital slide scanning services to researchers at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and within the surrounding academic community. We offer a full range of histopathology services for both paraffin-embedded and frozen tissue samples including tissue processing, embedding, and cutting. We also perform most standard stains as well as immunohistochemistry, antibody workup, fluorescence, in situ hybridization and TUNEL. Tissue microarrays can be constructed and our staining services may be used on slides acquired from the arrays. Sophisticated imaging instrumentation is available for both bright field and fluorescent microscopy including whole slide scanning. We also host specialized software to analyze, manage, and store data on stained tissues and arrays.  

We are located on the 11th Floor of the Leonard and Madlyn Abramson Pediatric Research Center in room 1106. Daniel Martinez (267-426-5635  martinezd [at] email.chop.edu) is the Lab Director and can address all questions regarding basic histopathology, research immunohistochemistry, tissue microarray and laser capture microdissection. Dr. Tricia Bhatti, M.D. is the Faculty Director.