Histopathology Services

The Pathology Core supports a full range of basic pathology services. We accept wet fixed tissue specimens as well as frozen samples. Wet samples are processed on one of two automated tissue processors. The processing protocol is adjusted to match the size of the specimen submitted. For instructions on submitting tissue samples please download our tissue submission guidelines or follow instructions under the "Forms" tab:



The Pathology Core has seven microtomes and two embedding stations. One set is available for walk in customer use. The core also has two cryostats for cutting frozen sections. There are storage areas for wet tissue, blocks, slides, and antibodies at 4, -20, and -80 degrees Celsius.

The Core Lab performs a variety of histochemical stains also known as special stains.

Special Stains:

Other stains available upon request. Click Here to request other stains.

Five Headed Scope: A Leica DM2500 multiheaded scope allows up to five researchers to view the same slide simultaneously at magnifications up to 630x

Basic Imaging Workstation: A Leica DM4000B upright scope paired with a Spot RT/SE Slider camera provides both brightfield and widefield fluorescence imaging capabilities. Optimized for 100micron coverslips.


  • 1.25x/N.A. 0.04
  • 5x/N.A. 0.15
  • 10x/N.A. 0.40
  • 20x/N.A. 0.70
  • 40x/N.A. 0.85
  • 63x/N.A. 0.90
  • 60x/N.A. 1.40-0.6 Oil (by appointment only)
  • 100x/N.A. 1.40-0.7 Oil (by appointment only)

Filter Cubes

  • Leica A4 – DAPI (Blue)
  • Leica L5 – FITC (Green)
  • Leica TX2- TxRd (Red)
  • Leica BGR – Triple Cube
  • Leica Y5 – Cy5 (Far Red)

Slide Scanning: Whole slides can be scanned and digitized to create "virtual slides" using the Aperio scanscope CS-O and IF scanners. The images are stored on a server making remote access possible. Slides can be viewed with any internet browser or else by using Image Scope. Image Scope is available free of charge and allows users save TIFF or JPEG images from their virtual slides.  Whole slide image analysis is available using Aperio's "Image Analysis Toolbox"  We can also perform analysis on site for IF images using the HALO platform from  Indica Labs.