Immunohistochemistry Services

The Core Lab can perform chromogenic or fluorescent labeling immunohistochemistry (IHC) by hand or using the latest in automated staining technologies. We use Bond-Max and Bond-RX auto-stainers from Leica Microsystems that allows us to run large batches of slides under uniform conditions.

The Core also provides antibody "workup" services to test novel or untried antibodies on your tissue of interest. This is a test run using the antibody of interest on a positive control tissue with a range of dilutions and pre-treatments to determine the optimal staining conditions and also validate that the antibody is working as expected.  A typical workup run with use about 5 dilutions (example, Neg Ctrl, 1:100, 1:200, 1:500, 1:1K) and test two different antigen retrieval conditions (example Citrate and EDTA pretreatments).  Before submitting a new antibody for workup it is a good idea to contact us for a consultation meeting to discuss the details of your project.  We may be able to help give guidance when selecting antibodies to try, control tissues to use for testing, sample prep conditions, etc.  Working up a new antibody can range from quick and easy for some ab’s to complex depending on the marker.  Our ab workup fee is based on reagent costs for a standard run of 10 slides.  Workups requiring additional slides/runs can be charged on a per slide basis. We have experience testing antibodies in both human and animal tissues. Contact us to arrange a consultation or search our  antibody and protocol lists found under the "Dowloads" tab or below: